About Us

Our Mission

Allowing Children to Learn with Enjoyment

Little Cosmos® was established in 2007 under the principles of “Learning should be FUN for children” and with the aim to provide quality education and services to children. Little Cosmos started up at the beginning in providing a variety of multiple intelligence programmes to children and focus on providing quality bilingual (English and Putonghua) and visual art courses for children aged between 1 and 12 in recent years.


We believe that learning should be fun and pleasurable and learning motivation is important. To achieve this, our centre emphasizes on activities stimulating different senses in our curriculum design, so children will find higher motivation to learn in an interesting curriculum and enhancing learning results.


Quality Language Courses with Custom Made Teaching Props

Most language courses offered by Little Cosmos® are written and developed by our team of experienced teachers, they are tailor-made for local children based on the principles of happy learning and activity-oriented teaching. To ensure consistency and standard, all our lessons are planned in detail with specific teaching instructions. To optimize effectiveness and interest in lessons, we have also created our own course material and teaching props such as:

- specially designed teaching props such as large vocabulary cards, matching game cards to go with large word-matching boards, lyric boards, weather, time and date boards, and many other theme-based and colourful worksheets with stickers.


Interactive e-whiteboards at all classrooms

Being the first learning centre in Hong Kong to introduce the latest technology in ALL classrooms -- Little Cosmos uses interactive e-whiteboards to enhance the learning of children through a range of stimulating media. The system allows 4 users at the same time to have maximum interaction during activities by projecting videos, games, songs and images onto the 80 inch screens. By simply using fingers, pointers or other opaque objects, the four-point touch is easy to operate.  Positive feedback are received from teachers, parents, students and staff as it is not only saving time and effort in preparing lesson materials but it is also environmental friendly that it saves a lot of papers while it helps enhancing the learning results.


Highly recommended in the field and trusted by parents

With continually reviewed and improved curricula and professionally celebrated teachers, Little Cosmos®has gained the recognition and adoration of parents over the past years. We are proud to be recognized by some parent-child magazines and received the following awards:

  • “Playgroup” - “Top Brand Award 2012” by Preschool Magazine;
  • “ Visual arts courses” - “Top 10 P-Mark Educational Institution Award 2012” by Parents’ Journal Magazine;
  • “Excellent Branding 2012” by OURS Magazine;
  • “Kid Award 2012” by Ikid Magazine;
  • “English Learning” - “Top Brand Award 2013” by Preschool Magazine;
  • “Super Brand Educational Award 2014” by Parents Magazine;
  • Candidate for the brand " The most favorable ealry child education centre" 2013 by Oriental Sunday "Kiss" Magazine


Consistently Superior Teachers Guaranteeing Course Quality

At Little Cosmos®, over 95% of our teachers are employed full-time, all of whom being native speakers of the target language. Instructors of English come from the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States while Putonghua teachers are from Mainland China. Our visual arts tutors are experienced and professional local teachers. All our teachers are degree holders or with relevant teaching certificates as well as solid teaching experience in their given fields.


Thoughtful service - no ordinary learning experience


Following Children’s Progress and Regular Assessments

To keep parents up-to-date with their children’s linguistic progress, our tutors write comments and feedback in their handbooks. Parents can also communicate with tutors through handbooks or directly make appointments with them. Apart from comments on every lessons, our centre also makes detailed assessments for every child in each semester i.e. every six months and meet parents half an year on their child's learning progress.


Festival Performances and Regular Exhibitions to Boost Children’s Confidence

Little Cosmos® has organized annual performances each year since 2007 to provide children with more opportunities to increase their confidence, by learning to face crowds and express themselves and to gain more outside classroom experience with their teachers. We insist on organizing a large-scale event every year, either at Halloween or Christmas. The event usually consists of singing, poetry recitation and dance performances. After the performances those in the audience are invited to join in with painting, making art crafts, activities booth or game booth free of charge. We also organize carols at Christmas to share the joy of the season. Each event attracts many parents and children, which is a great opportunity for both to socialize! Photo albums and DVDs are also prepared to capture these joyful moments!


Encourage reading - starting from a tender age

Our Reading Corner has many books in both Chinese and English, that children may borrow freely, which encourages children to read. We purchase books of new topics and titles every year to broaden children’s horizons. It is hoped that through reading extensively, children will gain lifelong love of reading!


Bi-monthly bulletins and photos for downloading

Every other month, parents can find our bulletins online, where they can read about recent happenings and snapshots of our classes, as well as work created by our students. Parents can also be kept updated of the centre's developments and the latest news. They can also view pictures of lessons and art work of their children in the photo albums in facebook.


A Caring and Supporting Staff Team

Our staff are all amicable and children loving people. They are always there to take care of your children and helping those who are shy or scared to adapt a new learning environment. They are caring and supportive, providing sufficient support where children can be carefully looked after before or after class. Our full-time amah is also there to help clean the centre and assist children in using the washrooms to ensure good hygiene. Children can learn with good health and safety.