About Us

Why choose us?

Little Cosmos® provides a caring and nurturing environment for your child to develop language and art confidently. Little Cosmos® follows a high quality curriculum structure for students aged from 1 to 12 years of age. The programme is tailored to suit the needs and requirements of the children to ensure optimum development. This is further enhanced with small class sizes which ensures our qualified teachers are able to offer students the time and support they need to flourish.


At Little Cosmos® we pride ourselves on a varied learning approach which gives the students exposure to different learning styles to help achieve their full potential. We incorporate visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning whilst maintaining a sense of fun and exploration. Little Cosmos® offers support to find the right level and programme for your child making sure they have the opportunity to learn in the most suitable and balanced way.


Little Cosmos® also provides a range of extra-curricular opportunities including annual stage performances, competitions and exhibitions. Little Cosmos provides a well-rounded environment for your child to get the utmost enjoyment out of learning.


Here at Little Cosmos, we provide:

  • A pleasurable and fun learning experience
  • An organised and structured programme with stimulating activities
  • Experienced and full time teaching team
  • Qualified English teachers who are native English speakers with university degrees and internationally recognised English teaching qualifications
  • Qualified Putonghua teachers who are native Putonghua speakers with university degrees and national qualified Chinese language certificate
  • Qualified Visual Art teachers who are degree holders in relevant art subjects with teaching experience
  • Small class sizes to ensure both teaching and learning quality
  • An encouraging classroom environment which promotes sharing, discussion, exploration and creativity
  • Regular assessments for students
  • Ample opportunities for children to display and perform their talents
  • Caring, attentive and engaged staff support where children can be carefully looked after before and after class
  • A clean, safe, comfortable and child-friendly environment
  • Quarterly newsletters and regular updates of students including photos


We are also:

  • The first learning centre in Hong Kong using interactive 4-point touch e-whiteboards in each classroom to make learning more stimulating and effective
  • Highly recommended in the field and trusted by parents;