Little CosmosA passion for art & children

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picassoa Spanish artist

“Art is the proper task of life”

Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher

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Art has traditionally been an important part of early childhood programs. Many scholars have identified that young children should be involved in both making their own art work and appreciating the art creation of others - such a process is important for children’s whole development.


In our visual art programme, we draw attention to both technique and creativity, with our main emphasis put on creation. Our goal is to provide a space where children's ideas and artistic senses will be nurtured while they explore different topics and media. We insist on hiring qualified art tutors to ensure teaching quality as well as learning quality.

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The Centre is also committed to providing platforms to our students where they can experience art creation and appreciate the artwork of others. These platforms, including exhibitions and various competitions, help children develop confidence in their abilities in addition to creating and appreciating art.

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It is always a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for children to make art. We believe that allowing young children to start painting, colouring, and making crafts at an early age stimulates children's artistic senses and right-brain development as well as their imagination and creativity. By planting the seeds of art in their little minds, their aesthetic abilities and personal tastes are both encouraged and cultivated.


Our Visual Art Programme


Little Art Explorers

Aged 2 – 3


Little Painters

Aged 3- 5


Little Artists

Aged 6 - 9


Junior Artists

Aged 9 - 12


Little Crafters

Aged 3- 5


Little Creators

Aged 6 - 9


Junior Creators

Aged 9 - 12


Characteristics of the course and the Centre:

  • Structured course and curriculum designed by a group of experienced art teachers and educators;
  • Classes are taught by qualified and experienced tutors with art related diplomas or degrees;
  • Multi-media & multisensory teaching approach through the use of interactive e-white board, making lessons dynamic and fun;
  • Sharing, discussion, exploration and creativity are encouraged;
  • Emphasis on both technique and creativity;
  • Development of children’s critical thinking and visual skills;
  • Application of a wide and full range of media;
  • Interim and year end reports for parents;
  • Free art & craft exhibitions each year;
  • Ample opportunities to join different competitions with guidance;
  • Opportunities to join student art work exhibitions periodically;
  • ›No examination for level advancement, valuing children's individual progress;
  • ›Selected art work of students to print on Centre’s pocket size calendar card each year.
  • Class photos and bi-monthly newsletters are uploaded on web for parents to download;
  • A child-friendly and comfortable environment;
  • The Centre is equipped with a washing basin for efficiency and safety;
  • Staff are caring and professional, providing sufficient support where children can be carefully looked after before and after class.


Arts & Crafts exhibition free to join each year

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"Spooky Halloween"

Arts & Crafts Exhibition 2013

"Easter x Macaron"

Arts & Crafts Exhibition 2013

"I Love Nature"

Arts & Crafts Exhibition 2014


Students Annual Art Exhibition 2013

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Little Cosmos Students Art Exhibition @ Exhibited Area at the G/F of Hong Kong Cultural Centre

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Little Cosmos Students Art Exhibition @ G/F of Park Central


Part of the Competitions & Awards

38th Pentel World Drawing Competition 2014

The 38th Pentel World Drawing Competition organized by Pentel and Japan BIIKUBUNKA Association attracted over 60,000 entries. Five different awards, including Special Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pentel Awards were set. Ten Little Cosmos’ students were awarded with three Golds, five Silvers and two Bronzes respectively. 

Part of the Awarded Art Pieces

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 共用圖片/檔案 - Art_HoHiuKwan

 共用圖片/檔案 - Art_KwokWingLamAngela

Li Hoi Ching, Janice (6)

Theme: Hula Hoop

Ho Hiu Kwan (5)

Theme: Water Play with Sister

Kwok Wing Lam, Angela (5)

Theme: A Day at the Beach


GNet Star Worldwide Children's Painting Competition 2014

A total of 28 Little Cosmos students participated in the Worldwide Children's Painting Competition 2014 organized by GNet Star under the theme “Travelling around the World”. 22 of our students were awarded prizes. There were one Champion, two Golds, five Silvers, eleven Bronzes and three Creative Awards. Little Cosmos was also awarded with a “GS Arts Education Excellence Silver Award”.

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Group photo of awarded students and teachers and Centre’s representative


Part of the Awarded Art Pieces 

 共用圖片/檔案 - Art_Wong_Tsz_Lok_Lukas

 共用圖片/檔案 - Art_Chung_Logan

 共用圖片/檔案 - Art_Ng_Sum_Yau_Nicole

Wong Tsz Lok, Lucas(7)

Championship of

Children Age Group 6-8

Chung Logan (5)

Gold Award of

Children Age Group 5 & Under

Ng Sum Yau, Nicole (5)

Gold Award of

Children Age Group 5 & Under


1st Hong Kong Children's Painting Competition 2013-14

The 1st Hong Kong Children's Painting Competition 2013-14 organized by Sing Tao Group attracted over 2,000 participants in its first year. This competition consisted of two sections, the Chinese painting section and the Western painting section. A total of 55 of our students aged 3 to 9 participated in the Western section, painting either people or landscapes. 50 of our students won awards and the Centre was awarded with Bronze Prize in Team Overall.

Part of the Awarded Art Pieces 

 共用圖片/檔案 - Art_LeungSuiHim

 共用圖片/檔案 - Art_FongHoChing

 共用圖片/檔案 - Art_ButChiLok


Leung Shu Him (5)

Theme: I like shopping at


1st Runner-up

Fong Ho Ching, Zita (7)

Theme: Romeo and Juliet

2nd Runner-up

But Chi Lok, Tedrick (6)

Theme: Sumo Wrestlers Ready to Go

 共用圖片/檔案 - Art_ChungLogan

 共用圖片/檔案 - Art_IpYanYu

共用圖片/檔案 - Art_IpHoTsun 

Outstanding Award

Chung Logan (5)

Theme: Butcher of the BBQ Meat Shop

Outstanding Award

Ip Yan Yu, Yannes (5)

Theme: My Grandma sitting

at the Arbor

Outstanding Award

Ip Ho Tsun (5)

Theme: Laputa