Competitions & Examinations


Introduction to Competitions and Exhibitions

At Little Cosmos Language and Arts Centre we offer plenty of opportunities for our students to participate in a wide variety of different competitions and exhibitions, in order to showcase their abilities and talents.


1. Art Competitions

Our Visual Arts department participates in many renowned competitions throughout the year, such as the Pentel World Drawing Competition, the GNET Star Worldwide Children’s Painting Competition, and the International Children’s Painting Competition. These allow our students the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and further their knowledge. In 2013 and 2014 we also held the Little Cosmos Annual Art Exhibition at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. This art exhibition allows our students to show off their hard work and creative talents.


2. Trinity Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE)

Students participating in the English Enjoy Speaking programme (K2 &K3) are offered the opportunity to take the Trinity Graded Examination in Spoken English. This examination covers eight topics and is a great way for children to demonstrate their English speaking skills and improve their confidence, as well as helping them to build their conversational abilities in a range of topics.



Students participating in the Pleasing Putonghua programme will cover the syllabus of the Kiddies Putonghua Certificate in Communiction, and are offered the opportunity to take the certificate examination at the end of the course. Taking the KPCC exam can help build children’s confidence in their understanding of Putonghua and provides a certificate to demonstrate their abilities.


4. Poetry Competitions

Little Cosmos both offers children the opportunity to take part in poetry competitions, and also provides tutoring lessons for children independently enrolled in these competitions. Both native English and native Putonghua teachers are available to guide your children through their poetry practice, and will be able to help tailor their advice to the needs of the competition and child. Poetry competitions are useful for children as they allow them to build their confidence, public speaking skills, and practice their pronunciation.