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Happy Ongoing Learning! Keep Boosting our Brains!

Little Cosmos has launched Online Interactive Learning and Special Small Class-sized Classroom teaching for the past two months and received positive feedback. Our aim is to help students continue happy learning during the school suspension period, interested parents please call us for a trial! Keep your child learning productively and keep their brains boosted!


The Centre will continue to strengthen cleansing methods and keep our environment and tools sanitized. Students will be required to strictly follow our anti-epidemic policy and keep good personal hygiene during their stay at the Centre so that they can stay safe and healthy while continuing with their happy learning here.


The following preventive measures will still be in force:


✔Everyone has to wear a face mask

✔Apply hand sanitizer before and after class

✔Students are reminded not to touch their eyes, noses and months

✔Cleansing and sanitization will be done immediately after each lesson


* Only healthy students (without any symptoms), who have not travelled in the past 20 days or in close contact with someone who has confirmed coronavirus disease (including his/her family members), and passes the temperature test (37°C) are allowed to attend class at the Centre*.


If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 3162 3168 / 3162 3188.