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Dragon Boat Festival Culture & Art Workshop 2020

The “Dragon Boat Festival” commemorates the death of Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet from Chu Dynasty in the Spring and Autumn period, on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Lunar calender. It was also believed that this day was unlucky and people would follow some customs to get rid of the misfortune or plague.


The culture and origin of the “Dragon Boat Festival” will be presented in different interesting ways to students during the upcoming Dragon Boat Culture & Art Festival Workshop, including English, Putonghua theme-based programmes as well as art programmes.


The workshop will be held from 9th June to 23rd June 2020 for two weeks before the Dragon Boat Festival. Programmes will be conducted in special small class sizes. The Centre will continue to keep our classroom and teaching tools clean to ensure children can learn in a clean and safe place.


*English Programmes are taught by our full-time native English speaking teachers. Students will learn and pick up English with ease in a solely English speaking environment.

* Putonghua Speaking Tutor will lead your child to learn in a fun and interactive way.

* Our creative art projects will allow your children to work with both hands and to boost their brain power.


English / Putonghua Theme-based Programme
● Pre-K (2 - 3 yr-old)   ● K1-K3 ( 3 - 5 yr-old)   ● P1-P3 (6 - 8 yr-old)


Creative Art Programmes

Pre-K (2 - 3 yr-old)  A Big Rice Dumpling
K1-K3 ( 3 - 5 yr-old)  Delicious Rice Dumplings Trio – Dragon Boat Race
P1-P6 (6 - 12 yr-old)  Happy Dragon Boat Festival Water Colour Painting


Limited seats with special small class size. Call to reserve a seat now!


Early Bird Discount: on or before 23rd May 2020

10% OFF for enrolling any 1 programme

15% OFF for enrolling any 2 programmes

Enquiry: 3162 3168/ 3162 3188  WhatsApp 5375 3093


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