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Little Cosmos【Quality Summer Programme 2020】 is open for enrolment now!

Little Cosmos【Quality Summer Programme 2020】 is open for enrolment now!

**Boost your Left & Right Brain Power!**


The diversified, high-quality and fun-filled summer programmes carefully designed by Little Cosmos allow children to learn in an enjoyable and interactive environment. The pleasant learning experience they enjoy let them fall in love with learning subconsciously, it helps children learn faster and absorb more, and enhances learning outcomes. Every child deserves having a quality and pleasant learning experience. To boost your child’s full brain power, do not miss our wonderful and fun-filled summer programme!


Diversified Summer Programme (suitable for K1-to-be to P6-to-be students)

  • Language: English (Theme-based, Speaking, Story, Writing); Putonghua Chinese (Theme-based, reading comprehension)
  •  Arts: Little Painter (Painting), Master Artists (Painting), Arts & Crafts, Clay Making, Chinese Calligraphy
  • Ž Cooking: Pastry-making
  •  P1 Admission Interview Training: Interview Training, General Studies & Storytelling
  •  Computer: Computer Software Application


WHY Choose us?

• Passion for education

• Comprehensive, organized and structured programmes

• Multi-sensory and activity-based learning

• Interactive e-whiteboard teaching & learning

• Qualified and experienced teaching team

• Native English/Putonghua speaking teachers for language programmes

• Small class size


Limited seats available. Enrol now to reserve the most preferable timeslots.


Early Bird Discount
Enrol on or before 28/6/2020

1 course: 10% OFF 

2 Courses: 15% OFF 

2-Day Programme Package: 20% OFF


Enquiry: 3162 3168 / 3162 3188 / 5375 3093 (Whatsapp)


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