• Wong_Tse_Hei

    Javin enrolled in some extra curricular art classes when Little Cosmos first opened in June 2007. At that time, Javin was a shy and introverted boy. After the teachers’ patience with him, he not only learnt a lot but he became open and self-confident. Apart from the art classes, Javin also joined a few English classes. I really appreciate that Little Cosmos have developed some unique courses which helped Javin willingly learn in an environment without pressure. These courses have improved his English ability overall. Now his English ability is among the top in his primary school.

    I am glad to see that all of the staff are consistently friendly and welcoming to all students. I also think that the teachers provide a comfortable and happy atmosphere in the classroom which allows the students to perform well. Now Javin is ten years old and he has a heavy workload in primary school. I suggested that Javin cancel his painting class on Saturdays in order to have time for revision but Javin disagreed. He said that he would use his playing time on Sundays to do revision, which lets me know that he really loves his art class!

  • Tsz Ying

    I believe that a good foundation for learning should be cultivated at a young age so when Tori was in K1 I enrolled her in a Letterland Phonics class. At the beginning Tori didn’t know how to use her phonics skills to spell words, but after she finished two levels she was able to spell new and unfamiliar words. Learning English here also helped her to get excellent results in her first year of primary school. She was awarded the top overall English student in her first year of primary school; I felt very gratified! Within these past three years at Little Cosmos Tori has learnt a lot, so I would like to thank all of the teachers who helped her: Miss Jane, Miss Lilly, Miss Erica, and Miss Lauren. They are excellent teachers who have a lot of patience when teaching students in the class.

    Tori is a primary student this year and in primary school the Chinese teacher occasionally uses Putonghua for instruction so I decided to let her enrol in a Putonghua class. After a few months of learning at Little Cosmos her Putonghua sharply improved. Her primary school teacher gave her great feedback and praise. Tori has been studying at Little Cosmos for over four years and I have been very pleased because I feel that Little Cosmos is a very sincere education centre. Apart from the quality of the courses and the teachers, the centre is managed ‘with heart’. I will let Tori continue her lessons at Little Cosmos as she continues to get better results. I wish all of the staff and manager have a happy and healthy new year!

  • Mok_Ho_Chi

    Our son Melvin has weak muscle development which is the reason he began painting when he was two years old. Since he has started learning how to paint, this problem has improved. His kindergarten teacher gave him encouragement to continue painting and explore his creative interests which is why we enrolled him in a painting course at Little Cosmos. We decided to enrol him in a phonics course here to improve his English foundation after seeing his improvement in art development. After one year, Melvin was able to recognize beginning sounds of words he heard which made us proud. We feel like the cost is worth the progress he has made.


    We are very pleased with the quality of the teaching materials provided by the center because they are vibrant and they keep the learning interesting for Melvin. The worksheets are well designed and very eye-catching. As well, Melvin has been able to explore many different mediums in his painting course to increase his sense of artistry.


    We really appreciate that the teachers are so thoughtful and well intentioned. For example, if Melvin is weak at pronunciation his English teacher will ask him to try his best to do it again until he improves. Sometimes when I pass by after seven when the centre closes, the art teacher still stays there to prepare the materials for the next lesson which is a sure sign of passion and devotion. It is also really good to receive regular feedback of Melvin’s progress, as his teachers write comments each lesson to inform us about his performance.


    Last but not least, the staff and helpers of Little Cosmos are kind, friendly and caring. Melvin loves to chat and spend time with them. We want to say a big thank you to all the teachers and staff. Although Little Cosmos is a small company, it provides an excellent learning environment!