Golden Learning period of ages 3-5: Enhanced results with interdisciplinary learning

Our centre provides various courses - such as English, Putonghua and visual arts courses - for kindergarten students aged 3-5. Comprehensive language courses lay the linguistic foundation for these fast-learning children.

Among our courses the most popular is the pictorial Letterland Phonics course. The Letterland course uses stories and characterizes each letter of the English alphabet and makes each alphabet uniquely memorable, helping children learn English pronunciation and making phonics really fun. Phonics helps increase reading ability as well as the spelling power of children, which helps a great deal in the future in school dictations and with English pronunciation.

Enhancing learning outcome by improving imported teaching material

Another superior characteristic of our centre is that we improve teaching materials taken from outside, which enhances learning and complements the imported materials. There are numerous educational institutions that adopt the Letterland Phonics course but the difficulties met by the children in applying phonics has to be addressed. Our centre has added split-word exercises and applied phonics exercises to help children really grasp phonics. Our exclusive split-word exercises, together with our revision and quiz sections, help with assessing children’s progress and solves the problem parents meet with their children not applying phonics well to daily usage.

Exclusively developed Putonghua course for the needs of local children

With the rapid development in the Mainland and the merging of two societies, Putonghua has become more important than ever. Little CosmosTM has created a set of teaching materials tailored for Hong Kong school children. With various themes, topics related to daily usage and interdisciplinary elements like stories, conversations, play, singing and  art crafts, learning interest and outcome are thus enhanced. Helping children build from words to sentences and story reading and conversation practices, children progressively learn to be confident speaking in Putonghua and therefore use it with ease in daily conversation.


All-round Artistic Training - Sowing the seeds for your child’s creativity

Letting young children start painting, colouring, doing art crafts and artistic creations using clay and other media, can stimulate their artistic senses and right-brain development, which is responsible for creativity. Our centre nurtures children’s interest in art and raises aesthetic abilities through inspiring their creativity and imagination.


Parents can choose from the Little Painter and the Creative Arts & Crafts classes. In the painting class, children are exposed to thematic brainstorming before their creative work and use different paints - such as watercolour, poster colour, pastel, Chinese ink and acrylic paint - with various paper bases and materials to create colourful pieces of artwork. This can help train children’s sensitivity to line contours and colours, as well as hand dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Little Cosmos Art Calendar Cards




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