K1 - K3

Storytelling attracts children at an early age and lays a good foundation for future reading and comprehension in English. 

In this course, a variety of colourful and attractive Pop-up books and Big books, as well as a wide range of Readers for different age groups are used to teach children about the world around them. The course stimulates creativity and imagination, helping establish an eagerness to learn English. Key vocabulary and sentence patterns from each story are discussed each week and extended to encourage critical thinking. Pop-up & Big Books are primarily used for younger classes while different types of Readers (various levels) are introduced for older children. This exposure to a range of texts helps children build their writing and comprehension abilities for future English learning.

Scope of course:

Level Age Level Fee* per hour/lesson Max. Class Size Medium of Instruction
K1 3 I

 HK$ 300



(by native English Speaking Tutor)

K2 4 II
K3 5 III

* Paid Monthly

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