K1 - K3

With the rapid development in the Mainland and the merging of two societies, Putonghua has become more popular and important than ever.Teaching Chinese using Putonghua as a medium of instruction has become a significant development for Hong Kong children learning Putonghua. It is however difficult for Hong Kong children to speak and use Putonghua as it is not their first language, with many children finding speaking to be foreign and uncomfortable. Moreover, many courses currently offered in Hong Kong have been adapted from the Mainland and mainly focus on rote learning and training students to recite poetry. This type of learning doesn't arouse a long-term interest in learning Putonghua and lacks depth and excitement for children in its design.

Understanding that learning a second language in early childhood will have significant results for children's future language skills combined with the fact that many courses offered aren't suitable for children in Hong Kong, Little Cosmos has created its own set of teaching materials and curriculum tailored to Hong Kong children. Topics are related to daily usage with various interesting themes - children will find themselves enjoying their theme-based lessons that include fun activities such as oral discussion, story reading, singing, interactive games and activities, and arts & crafts.

The course covers a range of areas, from vocabulary and sentence building to oral practice and story reading as well as some poetry and reading. It helps to enhance children’s confidence in using Putonghua, enabling children to incorporate the language into their daily life with ease. Learning Putonghua will also improve children’s writing in Chinese, as well as help to lay a good foundation for future use of Putonghua during Chinese lessons. This course covers the syllabus of “Kiddies Putonghua Certificate in Communication” and parents can choose whether to take the certificate examination arranged by the centre at the end of the course. More information of the KPCC can be downloaded at the organizer’s website at www.hkacf.org.hk
Level Age Fee* per hour/lesson Max. Class Size Medium of Instruction
K1 3

HK$ 200


Putonghua aided with Cantonese

(by native Putonghua Speaking Tutor)

K2 4
K3 5

*Paid Monthly / Examination fee of KPCC is not include


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