Aged 3-5

Arts and crafts help children develop their creativity and imagination. It is one of the most enjoyable activities for children. It teaches children that problems can be solved in multiple ways and it encourages children to try new ideas and take risks. Children who engage in arts and crafts often have better hand-eye coordination and can express themselves better artistically. It gives children a chance to transform abstract ideas into concrete and visual models. The end product is important for children; however, the experience and knowledge they absorb during the journey is more important to their whole development.
Children are fond of making crafts. This course gives children an opportunity to use different materials and mediums (such as coloured papers, craft sticks, cloth, feathers, colored wires, glitter powder, confetti, mosaic beads, light clay, paper clay, wood products and paper products, and recycled materials ) in both 2D and 3D creations. The course helps develop observation skills, sense of space, proportion, colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and the ability to turn an object into a real image or model.

Course includes

● Visual stimulation  ● Brainstorming & Discussion  ● Thematic Expression  ● Brush Skills ● Painting & Colouring  ● Painting on textures  ● Stamping & Roller Application ● Paper Cutting & Pasting  ● Use of Modelling tools for rolling, sculpting, scraping, cutting... ● Use of steel mold cutter or stamp mold  ● Soft Clay/ Paper Clay  ● Different Textured Papers ● Different Accessories  ● Collage Work  ● Decoration  ● Reusable & Recycled Materials ● Wood Products  ● Modelling  ● Group Work
Level Age Fee per hour/lesson Class size Medium of Instruction
I 3-4 HK$ 260 8 Cantonese
II 4-5

* Paid monthly / Materials are included.

* A teaching assistant will be provided for 6 or more kids.





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