Aged 3-5 

In this programme, children are exposed to thematic brainstorming and discussion before beginning creative work. They are trained in basic drawing skills, using various mediums (e.g. pastels, colour pencils, water colours, poster colours, acrylic colours and Chinese ink) and materials (e.g. different textured paper, canvas and Chinese xuan paper) to practice drawing and painting. Through a series of step-by-step guided demonstrations, children create their individual pieces of work but are encouraged to be creative and incorporate their personal preferences. This course also helps to stimulate children's artistic style as they learn colour blending, contours, shapes, textures and space, while training their dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Course includes:

. Visual stimulation  . Brainstorming & Discussion  . Colour Sense  . Drawing & Composition . Observational Drawing  . Drawing from Imagination  . Thematic Expression  . Brush Skills . Painting & Colouring  . Painting on textures  . Painting on different paper and canvas . Stamping & Roller Application  . Cutting & Pasting  . Collage Work  . Soft Clay . Mixed Mediums & Accessories  . Group Work

Medium Use:

. Oil Pastels  . Soft Pastels  . Colour Pencils  . Poster Colours  . Markers  . Chinese Ink  . Acrylic


Level Fee per hour/lesson Class size Medium of Instruction
K1 HK$ 260 6


K2 HK$ 260 *8

* Paid monthly / Materials are included.

* A teaching assistant will be provided for 6 or more kids.





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