Aged 6-12

In this course, children undergo advanced training and are further exposed to art history in relation to its cultural background. They learn about the great artists and their styles from different periods, while gaining a wider art vocabulary and practicing specific application techniques. Students are expected to learn how to see multiple solutions to a problem, developing critical thinking and appreciation and respect of others' presentations. The course also focuses on students' creative expression, enabling them to show their personal feelings and ideas in order to develop their own preference and styles according to their ability and experience.

Course includes:

● Brainstorming & Discussion  ● Colour Theory  ● Drawing & Composition  ● Observational Drawing ● Drawing from Imagination  ● Painting on different paper and canvas  ● Collage Work ● Mixed Mediums & Accessories  ● Thematic Expression  ● Sketching  ● Still Life  ● Self-portraits ● Landscapes  ● Abstract Expression  ● Master piece copy & styles application  ● Group Work

Medium Use:

● Oil Pastels  ● Soft Pastels  ● Pencils & Charcoal  ● Colour Pencils  ● Water Soluble Pencils ● Markers  ● Poster Colours  ● Water Colours  ● Chinese Ink  ● Acrylic

Age Fee per hour/lesson Class size Medium of Instruction
9-12 HK$ 260 8


* Paid monthly / Materials are included. 

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