Aged 6-12

This course offers an excellent opportunity for older children to create their own masterpieces through guided demonstration and the use of a variety of materials and mediums. Children are introduced to more complex and advanced craft techniques and they acquire specific skills needed to make unique works of art. These works of art are theme based and include specific materials such as clay, different textured papers, wood products, etc. They will also expose to some special art & craft making such as using mosaic, decoupage or paper-mache methods. This course encourages self expression - expecting children to work independently and to be able to find and solve problems in multiple ways.

Course includes:

. Visual stimulation  . Brainstorming & Discussion  . Colour Theory  . Thematic Expression . Brush Skills  . Painting on textures  . Paper Cutting & Pasting  . Mosaic Art Crafts . Use of steel mold cutter or stamp mold  . Soft Clay/ Paper Clay/ Silicon Clay/ Modelling Clay . Use of Modelling tools for rolling, sculpting, scraping, cutting...  . Paper-Mache Craft . Use of Different Accessories & Textured Papers  . Collage Work  . Decoration Techniques . Reusable & Recycled Materials  . Wood products  . Group Work For Junior Creators only: . Block Printing  . Decoupage Bags & Antique & Crackle Wooden Crafts

Level Age Fee per hour/lesson Class size Medium of Instruction
LC 6-9 HK$ 260 8


JC 9-12

* Paid monthly / Materials are included.


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