Playgroup - incorporating fun and learning whilst preparing children for Kindergarten interviews

Our playgroup courses are very popular among parents for good reason. According to our General Manager Ms. Angela Cheung, ‘The courses are systematic, substantial and interesting, with activities like singing, matching, thematic studies and story reading. Many of these activities are in fact similar in format to the interview style in prestigious kindergartens. This allows young children to learn intrinsically and thus perform naturally with great results in actual interviews.’ At the same time, interacting with other young children before formal schooling equips them with good social skills, discipline and manners, which helps tremendously with adapting to life in kindergarten.

Playgroup Level I
Sensory play

Playgroup Level II
Big Book Reading

Playgroup Level III

The preschool playgroups are designed for children aged 1-2.5 years:

Level 1 playgroup classes

Emphasize thematic explorations, where children learn simple words through singing together, art crafts, stimulating activities, toy time, painting and story time.

Level 2 Playgroup classes

Focus on the English alphabet, phonetics and morphology, as well as vocabulary regarding shapes, colours, numbers and identifying objects.

Level 3 Playgroup classes

Students learn vocabulary, expressions and basic sentences through themes such as food and vegetables, the weather, daily life and animals, to name a few. Singing, colouring, art craft, games and story time sessions are included in every lesson to let children learn basic, everyday English.

Learning to be independent step by step - Pre-K classes that lay a bilingual foundation


English for children aged 2.5

An art craft Jensen made
with Miss Sian!

Putonghua for children aged 2.5

Colour them all - Painting with Ms. Sun

When children reach 2 years of age, they can attempt classes with a higher student to teacher ratio and learn to be independent by attending classes unaccompanied. Our centre offers Pre-K classes in English, Putonghua, English stories and Art starter classes for children aged from Rabbit Group (Aged 2) to Panda Group(Aged 2.5).

The English classes are instructed by native English-speaking teachers and the Putonghua classes by teachers from Mainland China. Children pick up a language naturally when they are completely immersed in the target language, the most obvious signs being their ability to understand and follow teachers’ instructions regarding classroom protocol. Small-class teaching at this centre (with teacher-student ratios 1:6) allows teachers to better attend to individual students’ needs and provide immediate assistance. Teachers are also able to observe more closely the academic progress of the children and help improve linguistic abilities of their students. As well as this, they can attend to student hygiene more efficiently to ensure a healthy learning environment. Such which is unlikely to be achieved in large Pre-K classes in kindergartens.





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