Aged 2-3

Little Explorers is designed to allow very young children to practice collage painting, colouring, and arts & crafts creation. This enables children to experiment with different art forms so they can begin to develop their appreciation of art. Through the use of different media such as crayons, oil pastels, soft pastels, and poster color, as well as a variety of materials like paper clay, textured papers and accessories, children’s aesthetic sense and creativity is both nurtured and developed. Children's hand-eye coordination, dexterity and colour sensitivity are enhanced with repeated control and practice while making art. Each lesson teachers introduce the theme using stimulating visuals and examples before moving on to collage painting and/or art construction or occasionally, group art work.

Course includes: both collage painting and art & craft making

. Visual stimulation   . Brainstorming & Discussion   . Colour Sense   . Simple Drawing   .Art & Craft . Painting & Colouring  

. Brush Skills   . Stamping & Roller Application   . Tearing & Pasting . Collage work  . Clay Tool Application  

. Soft Clay & Paper Clay   . Mixed mediums & Accessories . Group work

Medium Use:

. Oil Pastels   . Soft Pastels   . Colour Pencils   . Poster Colours   . Acrylic


Fee   per hour/lesson

Class Size

Medium   of instruction

2 – 3




* Paid Monthly / Materials are included

* Full body aprons with long sleeves are required

# An adult should accompany each child for the first month




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