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About LittleCosmos

Allowing Children to Learn with Enjoyment

Little Cosmos® was established in 2007 under the principles of “Learning should be FUN for children” and with the aim to provide quality education and services to children. Little Cosmos started up at the beginning in providing a variety of multiple intelligence programmes to children and focus on providing quality bilingual (English and Putonghua) and visual art courses for children aged between 1 and 12 in recent years.
We believe that learning should be fun and pleasurable and learning motivation is important. To achieve this, our centre emphasizes on activities stimulating different senses in our curriculum design, so children will find higher motivation to learn in an interesting curriculum and enhancing learning results.

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Little Cosmos 10th Anniversary


1. Multidisciplinary Approach:

Little Cosmos Language & Art Centre focuses on language and art education, providing a unique combination that nurtures creativity and linguistic skills simultaneously. By incorporating both areas, students are encouraged to think critically, express themselves artistically, and develop strong communication skills.

Qualified Teachers

We Have Highly Qualified Teachers

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