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This course aims to improve students’ grammar usage, minimize common grammatical mistakes and enhance the use of different writing styles in their English writing.
Medium of Instruction - English

(by native English Speaking Tutors)

Alternating between grammar and writing classes, the course helps children focus on specific grammatical structures and apply them to their own writing. Writing topics are chosen to match the grammatical structures covered while still allowing children to exercise their individuality and write creatively. Depending on the level of students, time to complete writing tasks may vary from one to three classes to give students ample time to express their ideas.

Level of course:

Aged 6-7  Level 1
Aged 7-8 
Level 2-3
Aged 9-11:Level 4-6

Details of course:

Fee* per hour/lesson:HK$ 400

Max. Class Size4-6 Students

* Paid Monthly
# Assessment may be required for some students

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