Aged 1-3 (Level I-III)
A specially designed theme-based Putonghua programme taught by native Putonghua teachers helps children learn common Putonghua words and phrases in a friendly and natural environment. Children learn to play and communicate with each other in a group setting while establishing a strong foundation in Putonghua for future learning. They develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through engaging games and fun activities. The course covers colours, numbers, counting, fruits, food, vegetables, seasons & weather, animals, insects, and health & hygiene to name a few. It also includes rhymes & singing, simple colouring, as well as arts & crafts and storytelling in each lesson.
Medium of Instruction - Putonghua
(by native Putonghua Speaking Tutor)
Level I
12-18 month

Theme-based programme that introduces songs, sensory activities, toys, messy paintings, art & crafts, and big book reading to young children. The main goal is to familiarize children with English instruction, focusing mostly on children's exploration and vocabulary development.

Level II
18-24 months
Covers the letters of the alphabet in terms of the letter shapes & sounds, highlighting phonetic sounds & vocabulary building. Activities include games, storytelling, exercising, matching topics covered each week. Children also learn shapes, colours, numbers  & counting in interactive ways.
Level III

24-36 months
Theme-based programme that aims to expand children’s vocabulary by exploring different themes such as daily routines, weather & clothing, places, shops, & transportation. Children also learn how to use common phrases & build small sentences before entering kindergarten.

Course Details
60 mins/ lesson

Fee per Lesson:
HK$ 250

Max. Class Size:
8 students

*Half-year course for each level

# Paid monthly

# A teaching assistant will be provided for 5 or more students. (Each child is to be accompanied by an adult)

* Playgroup courses are avaliable at Tseung Kwan O centre only.

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