K1- 3

In this course, useful words, sentences and practical daily life English expressions are taught through diverse and interactive activities using different themes and topics. These topics include themes such as meal time, going to the supermarket and travelling to name a few. The topics increase in difficulty as children progress through the course, emphasizing relevant and interesting English material used in real situations. This course helps to increase an interest in speaking English as well as confidence in all English skills. Teachers will help children speak more fluently, emphasizing pronunciation, intonation and expressions that mimic native speakers.
Medium of Instruction - English

(by native English Speaking Tutors)

The Centre will be offering students that are enrolled in our K2 and K3 Enjoy Speaking programme the opportunity to take the Trinity Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE), corresponding to the initial stage of the GESE. The examination covers eight topics which will be systematically incorporated into our program over the course of the year to prepare children for the exam.
As our Enjoy Speaking programme already covers the eight topics needed for the initial stage, students will be given more time throughout the year to practice these areas in order to better prepare them for the exam. The exam is not compulsory for students enrolled in our Enjoy Speaking K2 and K3 programmes - it will be optional for students requiring certificates. 
More information about the GESE can be downloaded at http://www.trinitycollege.co.uk/

Level of course:

K1 - Level I
K2 - Level II
K3 - Level II

Details of course:

Fee* per hour/lesson
HK$ 350
Max. Class Size
6 Students
* Paid Monthly

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