K1- 3  (Level I-III)
Medium of Instruction - English

(by native English Speaking Tutors)

Letterland Phonics

A popular and successful phonics programme – Letterland from the UK is the main programme used to teach phonics at Little Cosmos. Letterland provides fun & creative ways to help children learn how to read, write & spell with confidence. Its friendly letter characters provide strong visual memory cues so children learn and retain phoneme/grapheme correspondences, making learning simple and fun.

The Letterland phonics programme covers all 44 sounds of the English language (including consonants, vowels, blends, digraphs, trigraphs etc.) and all the major spelling patterns, as well as word building, spelling and reading through multi-sensory activities, songs, games, animations, art & crafts and stories. Using the new Fix-it Phonics programme specifically designed for second language learners, our centre uses a fully-developed interactive computer programme each lesson so children can learn in an enjoyable, interactive way.

To build reading skills faster and strengthen phonetic awareness, additional exercises and practice decoding words systematically are given to children throughout the year. This practice is designed by the centre to complement the classes, using relevant words, sentences and Letterland stories. There are 3 levels in the Fix-it Phonics programme with approximately 50 lessons per level beginning in K1.

Scope of course:

Level I
  • Aa-Zz
  • Letter Shapes and Sounds
  • Initial Letter Sounds
  • Short Vowel Sounds
  • Long Vowel Sounds
  • Story Telling and Reading
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Basic word decoding and segmentation
  • Songs
  • Art & Crafts
  • Visual Animations with story, sound effect and songs
Level II
  • Quick Review of a – z letter sounds
  • Beginnings, Middles, Endings
  • Consonant Blends
  • Digraphs
  • Trigraphs
  • Long Vowels
  • Chants
  • High Frequency Words
  • Word Building
  • Word decoding and segmentation
  • Visual Animations with story, sound effect and songs
  • Story and Reading 
  • Songs
  • Art & Crafts
Level III
  • Blending & Diagraphs Review
  • Beginnings, Middles, Endings
  • More Advanced Phonemes
  • Advanced Spelling Patterns
  • Decoding Skills Development
  • Fluency 
  • Irregular Spelling
  • Suffixes
  • Word Building
  • Story and Reading
  • Songs
  • Art & Crafts
  • Visual Animations with story, sound effect and songs

K1 - Level I
K2 - Level #I/II
K3 - Level #I/II/III

Fee* per hour/lesson
HK$ 350

Max. Class Size
6 Students

* Paid Monthly (Student books fee is not included)

# Generally there will be approximately 50 lessons per level, course duration for Level I K2 or K3 starters will be shorter.

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