P1 - P6

In this course, students’ communication skills and overall level of Putonghua as well as Chinese are improved in a pleasurable and systematic way by exploring a variety of interesting and educational topics. Oral discussion, pin-yin, and pronunciation are emphasized, as well as the differences between Cantonese and Putonghua usage. The beginner course introduces and trains students to use pin yin. Students with elementary level and up are exposed to different meaningful passages/ articles for reading and discussion with increasing difficulty which helps to enhance children’s comprehension, expression and reasoning abilities. All courses are taught by native Putonghua speaking tutors.
Level Age Grade Fee* per hour/lesson Max. Class Size Medium of Instruction
Beginner 6-7 P.1-2

 HK$ 200



(by Native Putonghus

Speaking Tutor)

Elementary 7-8 P.2-3
Intermediate 8-9 P.3-4
Advanced 9-10 P.4-5

* Paid Monthly

# Assessment may be required for some students

One-to-one / One-to-two Putonghua Course (by Native Putonghua Teacher)

We provide one-to-one & one-to-two Putonghua lessons for Putonghua pin yin, oral, story, reading comprehension & writing training. Students will enjoy the greatest individual attention and support in an enjoyable and stimulating environment for highly effective language learning.
1:1 HK$450/hour
1:2 HK$320/hour




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